British Vogue

“As the world woke up, so did I.” In the height of a pandemic, and Black lives matter campaign, Roxanne talks openly about her experiences in the jewellery industry for British Vogue.

Vanity Fair

A great jewellery edition by Vanity Fair, featuring RRH Jewellery’s remodelled Garnet & Peridot earrings.

Stella Magazine

RRH Jewellery featured in Stella Magazine's shortlist of the best Jewellery gifts for sparkle.

Vogue Fashion

A great piece from Vogue, listing 29 black jewellery designers to support – including Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden Jewellery.

The Jewellery Cut London

Roxanne highlights the issues faced as a Black Jeweller in Britain today.

Retail Jeweller

RRH Jewellery discusses how to diverisfy the jewellery industry.

Soho House

Roxanne writes for Soho House on the unconscious bias’s impacting Black jewellers, and how the decisions we make affect the society we live in.

Courier Magazine

The detailed process and the cost of creating our most popular ring, The Milestone Ring.

Courier Magazine

Special picks from Courier's Editor-at-Large Tutsuo Hino

British Vogue

A piece on alternative engagements, featuring the RRH Abbott ring.


An interview with Forbes, discussing Roxanne's inspiration, brand aesthetic and motivation.

Natural Diamond Council

Roxanne writes for Natural diamond Council on why it’s time for the global jewelry industry to make a change.