The majority of our diamonds are sourced from Ocean Diamonds. These exquisite, alluvial diamonds are hand-picked by professional divers and have had an incredible journey from land to river to sea over billions of years. This means they have a minimal impact on the environment, and they hold a certified provenance from the ocean, with a location map. This type of mining provides jobs to local divers and strengthens the local Nambian community.


RRH works with some of the finest artisan miners in the world, offering responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones. Primarily sourced from Sri Lanka and Tanzania. When you select your gemstone piece, you can have peace of mind that your jewellery will be made with a stone that is guaranteed "conflict free" and conforms to the principles of full disclosure and fair trade. Our suppliers mission is to deliver responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones to the marketplace through an open and honest supply chain, with a commitment that everyone involved is fairly rewarded for their efforts.

SMO Gold

SMO denotes gold that has been produced by a legitimate mining operation, where miners are being paid a just wage, under secure employment. SMO gold comes from selected mines that are accredited with internationally recognised responsibility standards, and it can be traced every step of the way.

Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Gold is sourced exclusively from mines which meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard; an internationally recognised marker of best-practice. The Fairtrade Gold Standard includes strict requirements on working conditions, health and safety, the handling of chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment – including water sources and forests. Fairtrade Gold is more than just gold, it’s gold with heart. That means we care about the miners who mine this most precious mineral for your gold jewellery, as well as the environment surrounding the mines they work in. 90% of their gold miners work in Artisanal and Small-scale Mines.