Roxanne-Rajcoomar Hadden


Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden began her career in jewellery as a Diamond Grader, working with names including diamond house De Beers and fine jeweller Theo Fennell.

Having always harboured an ability to see beyond the obvious – a unique skill that allows her to uncover value that others missed – Roxanne embarked on her design career by taking commissions to rework heirloom pieces, remodelling treasures to reflect more modern times. Trusted with pieces that often hold deep personal meaning, Roxanne continues to enjoy working closely with clients in this way to ensure that cherished stories are captured and can be carried into the future.

An eagerness to explore her own design aesthetic while adhering to traditional fine jewellery processes led to the launch of her eponymous brand in 2013.

Determined to build a fine jewellery company where timelessness, luxury and sustainability intersect, Roxanne has made it her priority to seek out trusted sources for ethical materials in order to ensure a clean and transparent supply chain. All RRH diamonds are sourced via an ethical mining company which uses an environmentally-friendly method to extract diamonds from the bedrock of Namibia. RRH also supports artisan miners of ethically and sustainably-mined semi-precious stones. All RRH gold is Fairtrade certified.

As a strong woman, mother and designer, Roxanne believes in being the architect of one’s life. Through the Milestones and experiences of life, we build pillars that embody the beautiful memories and stories that define us. Roxanne believes it is those very pillars that empower us to be bold.

Roxanne designs for like-minded women; multi-faceted and modern women of deep principles, confident women not afraid to make their own choices. RRH designs celebrate the whole woman with all her possible layers and guises – mother, daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman.

Roxanne lives in West London with her husband and children. Roxanne’s personal essay of her experiences while finding her feet as a Black jewellery designer was published in 2020 by British Vogue In her spare time, when not chasing her toddler around, Roxanne mentors young and emerging Black jewellery designers.