Engraving Services

Roxanne is a specialist in hand engraving and offers an engraving service on rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, cufflinks, brooches and many more precious metal pieces.

Personalised Gifts

Engraved jewellery makes the perfect gifts when you want to give something extra special that reflects a unique connection you have with your giftee. A gift with sentimental value will be cherished forever.Arrange an appointment today to talk through your ideas and get inspiration for your own personalised jewellery gift, such as this pendant featuring three peas in a pod, engraved to represent the close bond between a family of three, my client, her son and husband.

Bespoke Signet Ring

For many centuries, the signet ring bore the family crest or coat of arms. Traditionally they are seen as a symbol of family heritage. Here at RRH Jewellery we like to draw on that family connection by creating bespoke signet rings using your family crest or seal. Each signet ring is totally individual to the wearer. Using traditional techniques and processes we aim to deliver that sentimental connection with a flawless finish.